It’s amazing we had any friends at all…

After discussing our teenage children’s facebook usage – and their facebook ‘friends’ numbering in the hundreds – the taxi driver driving me home yesterday commented about our own time as teenagers without facebook and without the way it makes keeping in touch with people so easy:  “It’s amazing we had any friends at all!”.

Of course, we did have friends (really, at least a few!)  and there are ongoing debates about the quality and real connection (or otherwise) of very extensive facebook ‘friends’.

However, it reminded me again of how things have changed in this social media connected world of ours.

With some 45% of Australians accessing social media at least once a day and 30% of small businesses using it, it is clear that even the way we do business and keep up to date with what is going in our particular industry has changed.  As a lawyer who has been practicing since before faxes (and who well remembers the first clunky huge mobile phones)  I am very interested in how these changes are happening in the legal sphere – both for lawyers, and for those we advise.

Next Tuesday 10 September I am giving a lunchtime seminar about it at the Law Institute of Victoria.

For information, or to register, see

Please come along if you are interested – and please send me your comments on how social media has changed the way you work in the meantime.

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